The CAM Superline low-profile dump trailer is built for quality, value, and dependability.

Every CAM Superline dump trailer is built with a durable four-bolt adjustable hitch plate offering changeable settings, ranging from thirteen to eighteen inches, to match the hitch height of your tow vehicle. This model comes standard with a 2-5/16” self-seating ball coupler or an optional 2-1/2” pintle ring. For ease of operation (and to save you time), our 7,000 lb. top-wind jack reduces cranking with a convenient drop-leg feature. Simply remove the pin, lift the jack leg, and clip the pin back into place.

Heavy-duty grade 70 plated safety-chains with clevis hooks are a fully DOT compliant, standard feature on this model. An innovative Zip trailer breakaway system eliminates fraying, dragging, or breaking. A sealed 7-pin RV plug, fully wired to a weatherproof junction-box, provides a fast and secure electrical connection to your tow vehicle.

This rugged design utilizes a tubular steel top-rail which reinforces the trailer sides and prevents flexing or buckling from long-term or abusive applications. Heavy-duty diamond-plate steel fenders serve to further reinforce the trailer sides and won’t bend, fold, or crush when stood upon.

CAM Superline utilizes superior Dexter Axles with radial tires and durable slipper-spring suspension. Tandem 6,000 lb. axles give this model a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 11,960 lbs.

The heavy-duty four inch welded-cylinder and twelve-volt electric-over-hydraulic motor and pump will easily lift the four-and-a-half ton payload.A twenty-foot remote is standard equipment. For convenience, an optional wireless remote is also available.

Need to haul a piece of equipment? A seventy-two inch ladder-ramp package in steel or lightweight aluminum is available. These ramps stow conveniently under the bed.

Versatility is key with any trailer purchase. Our three-way tailgate makes every job easier. Open the spreader gate to dump gravel, sand, mulch, and other similar materials. The split barn-door function allows you to easily dump bulky items such as firewood, brush, and other large cargo. When you need to extend the bed, lay down the tailgate, which is supported by pre-installed chains. This allows you to carry longer items, such as lumber.


Model No:
8,050 lbs.
11,960 lbs.
11,960 lbs.
Empty Weight:
2,420 lbs.
2,600 lbs.
2,820 lbs.
5,630 lbs.
8,500 lbs.
9,140 lbs.
Axle Capacity:
3,500 lbs.
6,000 lbs.
6,000 lbs.
Volume Capacity:
3.9 Cubic Yards
3.9 Cubic Yards
4.6 Cubic Yards (5.16 102” Model)
Inside Width:
One 3.5” x 36”
One 3.5” x 36”
One Telescopic
Bed Size:
6’ x 10’
6’ x 10’
6’ x 12’
Radial Tire Size:
Height Of Deck:
Inside Bed Side Height:
2X4 Full Height Stake Pockets:

Standard Features

  • Tubular Main Frame
  • 10 Gauge Floor
  • 12 Gauge Sides
  • Diamond Plate Fenders
  • EZ Lube Dexter Axles
  • Nev-R-Adjust Brakes
  • Slipper Spring Suspension
  • Tie Down Rail
  • Triple Acting Tailgate w/Chains
  • Electric Brakes (2) Axles
  • Remote Control with 20’ Cord
  • LED Lights – Rubber Mounted
  • Aluminum Lockable Battery Box
  • 7K Bolt-on Drop Leg Jack
  • Adjustable 2-5/16” Ball Coupler or Pintle
  • Silver Wheels
  • Quick Attach Automatic Battery Maintainer
  • 12-Volt Deep Cycle Battery
  • Safety Chains
  • Sealed Wiring Harness
  • 7-Way RV Plug
  • Charge Wire with Circuit Breaker
  • Breakaway Switch
  • Epoxy Primer
  • Polyurethane Paint Finish
  • Color (standard): Black
  • Two Year Warranty

Custom Options

  • 102" Width (on 12' Only)
  • 12K Bolt-on Drop Leg Jack
  • 5’ Landscape Gate
  • Slide Out Ladder Ramps (6’)
  • Slide Out Aluminum Ladder Ramps (6’)
  • Spare Tire and Wheel
  • Spare Tire Mount
  • 24” Expanded Metal Side Ext. (Removable)
  • 44” Solid Sides with Barn Door Gate (Fixed)
  • Mesh Tarp Roller Kit w/Aluminum Cover
  • Board Gusset Kit
  • Gooseneck w/Adjustable Coupler and 12K Dual Jacks
  • Mud Flaps
  • Wireless Remote
  • Torflex Axles
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • D-Ring Tie Downs – Bolt-On – 1/2”
  • Custom Colors
  • Galvanizing
  • Galvanized Wheels
  • Optional Colors: Yellow, Red, Gray, Orange, Blue, Green